Learning Log for Week of 1.21

This week in Advanced Computers Class I continued work on the graphic elements of the flash animation that will represent my ski edits. Specifically, I finished the “Tabasco” part of the final product. Instead of drawing the “a,” “b,” “s,” “c,” and “o,” from scratch, I started with a font and then created outlines and tweaked it. The final “font” ended up looking like this:


Next, I decided how to color the letters. I knew that I wanted to use, at least, red, yellow, and green. Similar to the “T” I decided to use fainter lines of color inside of the solid block of deeper color. Differently though, I decided to use different colors inside of each letter. Not really content with how I created the “T”‘s sketch color, instead I created a solid colored square and squiggled inside of it. After changing all of the colors I duplicated the shape and masked each letter to their corresponding colors and it ended up looking like this:

abasco v3


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