This week I learned that there are (at least) two different versions of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com creates a domain for you: although it is edited by the creator, all backups and CSS are kept in the storage of the website and restricted to pre-sets, that is until you upgrade from the free version. Contrastingly, WordPress.org offers you full customization of WordPress’ licensed software which is offered for free and is compatible (as well as acts similar to) DreamWeaver, under whatever domain you may pay for (or posses by other means). Therefore, WordPress.org, although more unique, is less applicable to creating you own custom website, especially when considering that pre-sets on WordPress.org now cost (but can also be imported from other softwares/websites). The most intuitive feature of WordPress.org has to do with being able to pay for and download already created (and advanced) CSS from specific websites (which might be possible in WordPress.com’s “Pro” features as well).


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