This week I learned that there are (at least) two different versions of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com creates a domain for you: although it is edited by the creator, all backups and CSS are kept in the storage of the website and restricted to pre-sets, that is until you upgrade from the free version. … Continue reading


After acquiring the basics of Final Cut Express I have decided to stay with the “Express” version of Final Cut instead of switching to “Pro.” I came to this decision upon the conclusion that the two aren’t different enough, for my purposes, to affect the quality of my productions in a significant way. I have … Continue reading


Right now, in my advanced computers class I am deciding on if I should use a ski edit that I created for my final presentation or if I should use a flash animation that I am creating for this wordpress website. Either way I have a lot of editing to do on them before I … Continue reading