The intent of posts on this website will be to inform about future content being added to the site and how the knowledge and skills used to create them were acquired. Being the first (post), there aren’t any inspiration, tutorial, or portfolio links on this site (yet). Therefore, in this post I will add how I intend to find links that pertain to my field of learning in my Advanced Computers class. First, I’ll think about where I have struggled the most in learning Final Cut. This would be about the difference between Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro. Based on what I have gathered from only a handful of sources I have come to the conclusion that for my beginning purposes (right now), they might as well be the same. Although they do differ, FCE being a medium (between iMovie and FCP) for the economy route and FCP being the superior and more expensive software application for the production of an invested film, either would meet my goal of improving my knowledge of film editing. Next, I will think back to any sites that relate to discovering this (about FCE and FCP). Then I can broaden this search in order to find inspirational sites about learning how to successfully utilize Final Cut Express (the version that I am working with right now). (In the future, once I have learned everything that FCE has to offer I might upgrade to FCP depending on how much I feel I want to learn about film editing softwares.)


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